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Gordon & Ashworth provides thoughtful estate plans and documents to serve your precise needs. Brian Gordon is more than the local will attorney Merion Station, PA trusts. His extensive experience includes:

Powers of attorney
Living wills with advance healthcare directives
Revocable living trusts
Irrevocable trusts
Charitable trusts
Special needs trusts for disabled or elderly persons
Medicaid planning
Executor representation
Beneficiary representation
Will contests
Advocacy for charities

Reasons to establish or amend your estate plan include: marriage, divorce, moving to another state, birth of a child or a child reaching majority, serious illness of a family member, death of a loved one, purchase or sale of real estate, purchase or sale of a family business or the desire to pass on a family business, approaching mandatory distributions from IRA accounts, a wish to make a charitable gift, or the death or incapacity of a previously chosen executor.

Estate planning involves making your property available for yourself or loved ones in the event of incapacity or passing property to the next generation. When you are ready to have peace of mind for what may happen next, work with our estate planning attorneys in Merion Station, PA to make arrangements for your future.